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A Brutal Homicide

A Brutal Homicide

Told and illustrated by

Edoardo Formica, Alessandra Vigoriti and Marianna Duglio


Chapter 1


During this period there are many homicides.

James and Kelly, two friends want to find out who the killer is.

Kelly works in a popular café and her boss is John, a nice and rich man.

Kelly finds some important clues and she puts them in a red USB pen to give them to James.


Chapter 2


Kelly asks to her boss if she can stop working for a moment to give a thing to James.

John agrees and she gives the red USB pen to James while John looks at them.

Before taking the subway to go home, James waits for 10 minutes out of the café.

In the subway a lot of people make noise.

James arrives to his house.


Chapter 3


James pulls out the USB pen and realizes that it' s not the one  Kelly gave him because is yellow, but he decides to look anyway.

The yellow USB pen displays pictures of Kelly dead in the café.

The pictures were taken at 3:09 p.m..






























Chapter 4


The next day James goes to John' s café, to ask John if he knows something about Kelly.

John tells him that he knows nothing and says that she went out at 3:00 p.m..

James remembers the pictures in the USB pen were taken at 3:09 p.m..

James knows that John lied and he seems very suspicious.



























Chapter 5


James decides to stalk John while he goes home.

In John' s garden there are some big bags.

James brought a camera, and he takes many photos of the garden.

When James returns home to look at the photos, he realizes that a hand is coming out from a bag. He thinks that is Kelly' s and  wants to go back to John' s house.

When he arrives to John' s house he opens the bag of the photo and finds Kelly' s body.

James understands that John is the killer and everything makes finally sense.

It was John who killed Kelly when James came out from the café. It was John, that after killing Kelly, took the pictures and exchange the USB pen on the subway.

James wants to have him arrested by the police, but he does not know how to do.

Then James remembers the photos of John' s garden and he shows them to the police, telling them everything he knows and also showing Kelly' s body.

Finally, the police arrest John.